Aspirateur vidangeur huile et copeaux
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Versatile vacuum and sump machine


cleaning & draining




suction & backflow

OPTIMOIL technology combines:

  • a unique vacuum power on the market
  • vacuuming and discharge
  • two different filtration levels retaining particles down to 5µm,
  • very easy to use
  • straightforward easy cleaning
  • a retention tank to preserve the environment including drainage of accessories.

With different capacities and motor sizes, choosing an OPTIMOIL means guaranteeing excellence in terms of industrial vacuuming drainer. This technology is also used in our TANK-VAC draining vacuums, for dealing with large volumes of 300 to 6000 litres.

Lubricated shavings require a high suction flowrate, in contrast to fluids and still further sludges which require a very high vacuum to be aspirated. With SOFRAPER’s patented TURBO ® technology, you no longer have to choose between a high-flowrate vacuum or high vacuum, you have both and your OPTIMOIL adapts automatically according to the suction constraints encountered, the only one that does on the market!