Filtration & oil removal


over cutting condition


the clogging of original filters


the lifespan of cutting tools

Oil extraction and filtration of cutting oils for machines and de-greasing baths, and de-oiling of soluble oil.

SIEBEC offers a wide range of filters and oil separators for the treatment of machine tools cutting fluids.

Déshuilage Minipure DMG
Traitement huile de coupe, déshuilage fluide de coupe

Example : Minipure MP53 with carter on DMG machine tool

The continuous elimination of cutting and process fluid pollutants allows:

  • A correct control of cutting parameters
  • A quality improvement of machined parts
  • A limitation of wear and risk of breakage of cutting tools
  • A more slowly clogging-up of (generally too low capacity!) original filters of the machine tool
  • An increase in lifetime of cutting fluids
  • An elimination of bad smells linked to bacterial development
  • A reduction of consumption of new cutting fluids
  • A limitation (by volume reduction) of disposal costs of used cutting fluids
  • An increase in productivity through reduction of tank cleaning operations and machine stops

Pollution example

Polluted bath -> Regenerated bath
Dépollution fluide usinage
Déshuilage bain de dégraissage, traitement fluide de coupe, traitement fluide usinage

Particularly suitable for machining of:

  • Aluminium, copper
  • Cast iron
  • Plastics, composites
  • Deep drilling

Mobile system easily adaptable to existing stock. Installed upstream of the machine filtration system, greatly increasing its uptime.

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Traitement fluide de coupe
Filtration huile de coupe, déshuilage fluide usinage